Rhianna Backs Out of World Tour W/Kanye Because….

OK Magazine States:

A source tells OKMagazine.com exclusively, “She started having second thoughts shortly after it was leaked back in February that the tour details were ‘accidentallly’ released by Kanye’s creative team, DONDA.”

“She didn’t like how it was announced and felt like Kanye would take control over how the tour was promoted too. She didn’t want to be a part of it.”

And another reason Rihanna is backing out of touring with Kanye? Kim Kardashian! Wherever Kim goes, a huge entourage follows, and RiRi is just not in the mood for it. “She didn’t want Kim to interfere with her work or her image.”

“She’s worried that everyone thinks he’s a joke and he’d ruin her brand.”

I can’t say I too much blame her.  Who want’s to travel the world with Kanye Toting around Kim.  She’s annoying as hell.  When your own family members openly detest you as much as a nycca off the street would, that’s a problem.

North West I’m certain RiRi wouldn’t of had a problem with dealing with.  She’s so adorable especially when she smiles .  I guess that baptism she had in Jordan scared away whatever demon generally kept a smile off her face.

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