Fetty Wap Explains His Missing Eye

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I was to busy enjoying his music to be worried about his eye… It helps he handsome and he got flow.  I’m enjoying seeing his rise to the top..  Shot out to Fetty Wap

Via TMZ reports:

Now that Fetty Wap is blowing up with his hit “Trap Queen” … he wants to clear up the biggest rumor about how he lost his left eye, and says the truth is as obvious as the nose on his face.

We got the rapper in NYC after a late night TV appearance … and just as Fetty was schooling our photog about losing his eye to glaucoma — Fetty’s mom popped up and taught him something he never knew about the eye.

You also gotta hear the Jersey native explain why all that talk about him getting blasted with a shotgun … makes ZERO sense. Watch … you will definitely say, “Duh!”

The video is on TMz.com but to elaborate on what was said, he lost it to glaucoma in his eye as a baby.

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