dallas police chiefThe past few years have taken it’s toll on Dallas Police Chief David Brown with all the Officer’s whom quit or retired early under his service.  

You throw in the incident that transpired with officer’s in Dallas being gunned down on the streets in Downtown Dallas and anyone in that position would be traumatized.   The trauma and the pressure had finally taken its toll on Chief Brown & he announced on Thursday he will resign and retire in a few short months, likely late October.


Dallas Police Chief David Brown has unexpectedly announced that he is stepping down from his position.

Brown became a national figure after leading his city and the rest of the country in remembering five officers shot and killed in a July shooting rampage.

He announced Thursday that he would be retiring from his department after 33 years on the force, the last six as police chief.

Brown, 55, did not give any reason for his departure, though said that he would leave his position in October after a “difficult decision.”

I don’t think he ever got the chance to fully grieve his sons traumatic death, from a few years back.  And with so much that has been going on in the World, and in Dallas especially.  It’s no wonder why David Brown want’s to retire, who can blame him?

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