A Pigeon Caught Smuggling drugs into Prison?!

      The bag was found to contain 14g of cocaine and the same amount of marijuana

A homing pigeon was intercepted by police at a prison near San Jose, Costa Rica, after it was seen by a guard landing in the jail’s courtyard with a bag tied to its body.
On inspection, the black zipper bag was found to contain 14g of cocaine and the same amount of marijuana. Authorities suspect the bird was looked after and fed by an inmate in the medium-security wing of La Reforma prison, Costa Rica’s biggest penitentiary, before someone smuggled it out of the prison only to load it with illicit cargo ahead of its return route.
The director of Costa Rica’s prison police force told the media after the ruse had been exposed last Tuesday that the pigeon was able to fly perfectly well despite the drug-stuffed pouch strapped against its breast.
Pablo Bertozzi, who said he had seen cases of cats being used to transport drugs strapped to their tails, added that the homing pigeon incident would lead to a redoubling of efforts to clean the jail of controlled substances.

I read this story and automatically thought to myself out loud, Brilliance!  I mean from a business perspective, it called supply & demand.  Is Mike Tyson locked up right now?  You know he’s a pigeon whisperer.  No Joke?  Maybe Mike has been corresponding with whoever’s pigeon that is, taught him a few tricks.

  Lol like carrier birds/pigeons are basically middle ages text messaging; To still have the knowledge and the how to do train a pigeon to deliver you anything is awesome to me.  I long for the days of young, before life became so technologically soaked. 

Nothing seems sacred nor pure anymore and albeit he had a pigeon smuggling him drugs, he didn’t implicate an actual person, by learning to do the one thing people long ago forgot to cherish.  I wish somebody would teach me how to.


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