Chris Brown Dating Karrueche Twin

Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown in Happier Times..

Rumor mill is spinning saying this Model resembling CB’s Former Flame Karrueche, is the new chick dating the RnB Crooner.  A lot of people cant get over the two’s resemblance. 
But it wasn’t long after he broke up with Rihanna, that he started dating chicks who resembled her.  I think its a cute way of moving on, kind of like saying there’s million’s of you’s and only one of me, type deal.

I’m torn between who’s cuter between the two, it took a while for Karrueche to grow on me.  So I’m going to go with her,  I think she’d make for a hotter actress and model.  If you haven’t seen her short film PRXDE check it out below and leave comments on what you thought.  Other chick haven’t found much on here, she put her page on private after news broke of her being CB’s Possible new boo.  ehhh! We Shall see..

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