Another Celebrity Outed by Trans Woman!


Nick Young A*K*A* Swaggy P has been outed by a Tran’s Women by the Name of Shauna Brooks.  Of course she’s plugging a show that’s soon to be aired on ID Channel.  Why else would she have anything to say if it were not for that.

I don’t respect Shauna at all for name dropping for her own benefit.  If you know someone’s not living an openly gay lifestyle who are you to out them.  There’s plenty of people who were/are gay for years and afraid to come out to family and friends about there new found lifestyle;  It’s frowned upon in the community for someone to out you when your not ready.

You think by telling everyone about every Tom, Dick or Nick you’ve slept with it’s suppose to give you some type of credibility.  When all it does is create an element of mistrust in reference to the people you’ve dealt or deal with and it puts you in an enormous amount of danger. 

How can you expect anyone to respect your life style when you cant do the same for others.  He had every right not tell anyone about you and him and for you to take away his choice to out himself make’s you a very cruel and heartless person.  Then you plug the show you got coming out in the same breath.  I pray no one gives this life or pays it no mind. 


 I understand from watching “I Am Cait”,  that a lot of Trans Women fall into the Sex Trade because of the lack of jobs they have access to due to there lifestyle. 

 I still cant accept that because I’ve known people who went to work casual male and dressed up on the weekend.  Not to say your life should be restricted to the weekend, I’m just not going to allow you to put in my head that was your only choice.  No that’s what you chosen.

I’d of sued the hell out of my job If they had a problem with how I presented myself after the fact, if I wanted to look like a monkey they shouldn’t have anything to say about it;  If they did, you can pay me to leave if you don’t want to pay me and stay.  It’s as simple as that.  There’s plenty of Tran’s Men and Women at the Corporations I’ve worked for in the past.  So it’s hard for me to accept excuses.

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