Morgan Freemans GrandhChild Murdered on The Streets of NY

    Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter stabbed to death in ‘exorcism’

The NY Post Reports:

   The granddaughter of acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman was stabbed to death on a Manhattan sidewalk early Sunday in what law-enforcement sources and witnesses described as an “exorcism” at the hands of her ranting boyfriend.

“Get out, devils! I cast you out, devils! In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast you out!” the killer yelled as he plunged a hunting knife into his 33-year-old E’Dena Hines’ chest, according to George Hudacko, who witnessed the 3 a.m. attack from his apartment window in Washington Heights.
Her live-in boyfriend, Lamar Davenport, 30, was in the throes of a drug-induced psychosis when he came after her, police sources said.

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If there’s anything to be learned in all this, then it should be to all these women/men who are in abusive and unhealthy relationships, its not worth your life to stay.  There shouldn’t be a price to pay for someone to love you.

  She a person who’d made it 3 years without acting; Just started back getting into it, she had just finished a movie she starred in.  I feel for the life that was so tragically taken and the family who’s left here grieving.   

Morgan Freeman is her step-grandfather and it doesn’t mean it hurts any less. He knew her personally so if I’m saddened by this tragic loss, I can only imagine his pain. 

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