Young Thug Finally Caught Out There #ComeOutAlready


I knew it would be sooner or later something would leak where there was no coming back from it.  He messed around tried to show every body his clique and ended up snitching on everybody in that room.  Find that super Hilarious, wtf!?  Do you have on the T.V. Bro.  As a grown as man/women I wouldn’t care how much money my friend was worth/made I would never allow my self to be placed in a compromising position. 

Like how do you just chill with some mess like that on in the background and not be like wtf!?  Unless you wuth it to and if you are more power to you. 

 At the same time it just legitimizes my thought process of thinking how Gay a man is for putting his friends before his Woman, how can a woman not be jealous of a man who places the value of another man’s over her life.   Not to say there’s anything wrong with it but when your a self proclaimed heterosexual man there is.  You listen to a lot of lyrics now adays these male hip hop artist you hear and the blatant disrespect they have towards young girls and women.  Yet you let your son’s and daughters listen to these artist and then wonder why little boys and girls are running around here confused.  SMDH!

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