Rapper TI Open’s Mouth & Insert’s Foot!


Rapper TI Clifford Harris Opened his mouth earlier to say that he nor the World is ready for the First Woman President;  That he wouldn’t vote for Hilary Clinton in his words:

“Not to be sexiest but I cant vote for the leader of the Free World to be a Woman.”
Now I’m no Paralegal but last I checked Felons can’t vote no way, so let’s change that wouldn’t vote to a Can’t or a Couldn’t vote.  Let’s end that sentence with a “Even if you wanted to for clear measure. I don’t even like Hilary Clinton but there’s no reason that if a woman ran that she shouldn’t be considered because she’s a woman. 

I rather you said, I don’t want Hilary to Run because of her demeanor at the inquiry that went down at “Benghazi” with the Ambassador being murdered. 

Yet, No you can’t have a valid opinion because your not aware of what’s going on in the world.  You give vague opinions on broad subject’s that don’t even skim the surface.

Now he’s backtracked his statement and from what I can tell apologized. Whomp! Whomp!  If your going to be ignorant, own it.

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