Celebrity Halloween Costumes & Who Won Best Dressed?!

The Game “Hands Down” Won with his “Jidenna” Halloween Costume attire.  He didn’t have to do much just dye his and look even sexier. 

Game say’s he chose to go with Jidenna because people always comment to him how they both look alike;  Seeing him with this color I can now admit I believe so too.
Kylie Jenner Looking like she just got dressed for the day.  I didn’t really understand what she was going for.  One website said “Snow Queen” yet I saw no Crown.  I’m getting more of a Hoochie Elsa from the Movie Frozen, or a HoodRat Eskimo.  I haven’t uite decided.  I’m saying she needed more detail.  Cute outfit.
 Rihanna and her Girls Turned up this Halloween.  If you check Rihanna’s account you wont find these pictures. You have to be low key spy to get behind the scenes pics of her.  Your only a true Rihanna Fan if you know Melissa’s Account Name on anywhere..
 Queen Bee, Jigga & Little Miss Blue Ivy pulled off a great “Coming to America” themed Halloween Costume.  Blue Ivy Looked adorable while Jay and Bee walked around like a Royal Family for the evening.  I mean they already feel that way I’m sure.
Chris Brown always doing the most, he dressed up as a mutated “Teen Wolf”.  I’m guessing of course.  That mask is scary as hell though,  I can only imagine how Royalty must of felt.   She’s a cool little lady I’m sure she was alright. (See Royalty Below)
Kelly Roland and her Son Titan are to adorable.  She’s Minnie and he’s Mickey Mouse.
Karrueche & Friend he’s dressed as Fetty Wap and she’s suppose to be Lil Kim. 
Kourtney Kardashian and her Crew of Super Hero’s.


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