Supposedly, Kylie Jenner & Tyga Call it Quits!


Supposedly Kylie and Tyga are no longer an item, but I’ll like to call a flag on the play.  I believe there still together and this is just rumor!  Neither party has made of statement and its not unusual for them to be apart necessarily the fact that neither of her family members wished him a Happy Birthday, means nothing also.  Some claim Kylie broke up with Tyga because she caught him face timing some stripper.  Which I cant even imagine how that could happen, who gets caught face timing.   Like come on seriously unless chick dropped pics and even still they could be photo shopped. 

Some like to believe it had something to do with an incident that happened a few months ago where Tyga invited Blac Chyna to her new spot.  Only thing I can imagine she’d be doing is picking up her son.  Some say that was the beginning of the end of Kylie and Tyga. 

I didn’t see that from stopping her from inviting him to her moms Birthday party.  Nor did that incident deter her from constantly snap chatting moments of her with the rapper.  So I highly doubt that was the case. 

You want me to believe that a rapper she’s stuck through it with in the “Blac Chyna Text Gate”  & the “Mia Isabelle Transvestite Debacle”, that all of the sudden she calls it quits.  GTFOH!  They were just snap chatted going out of town with each other the other day.

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