The Next 15 S1Ep1×384.html

Claudia Jordan, I like her personality.  Its sweet, blunt and straight to the point.  I feel generally people with questionable characters questions her’s cause she’s so beautiful and they don’t allow themselves to get to know her.

Karamo Brown is Bi-Sexual I don’t know how or why he doesn’t just claim it.  He has two sons he conceived naturally over the span of 18 years and he came out 13 years ago.  Im just saying.

Laura Govan she’s deviously smart and cunning.  I like her cause she’s very open about who she is and what she’s gone through in life.  Very refreshing to see her back on tv.

Benzino is and always will be relevant simply because he know how to go out there and get that paper. 

Jennifer Williams I’ve never really truly cared for her no reason why necessarily other then her voice.

Tiffany Pollard I have only one question, “Who let the dogs out”?

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