Bobby’s Aunt CC Comes For K.Michelle S2Ep3

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K.Michelle might of wrote a check that cant be cashed cause Bobby’s Aunt CC is giving us the real scoop from the hook up, to how she got hooked up and was able to be on the show. 

 It’s apparent K Michelle is more delusional then we assumed.  It makes me question the Idris Elba claims.  I mean I’ve never seen them out and about together outside the special he helped her promote.  I think its all gas. 

I mean really can you imagine Idris Elba scooping that low into the gutter to get a piece of ass, especially K.Michelle’s lopsided ass.  I’m not buying the story she got an ass reduction either.  Who goes through that much unnecessary plastic surgery only to have it reversed, unless one of her ass cheek implants were leaking. 

If any she got them in a smaller size.  Back in the day she didn’t have any kind of ass to still have one after the fact.  Her ass would look like Iggy Azalias does now that she’s had her’s removed. Flat.  I’ve never cared for her myself her music is remedial I think a 5 year old could of wrote it and anybody who seriously jams to that bull in my opinion is just as slow her ass..

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