Tea on Beef Between Tamar & April Daniels


I believe everyone was just as shocked as I was a few weeks back. While watching Tamar & Vince, when out of no where in the middle of the show Tamar starts going in on her and Vince’s side kicks Lashawn and April Daniels.  She was talking about how they weren’t there for her and how Lashawn was her son’s Godfather and couldn’t believe they’d tried to use to them;  Never really got into what in the world they could be talking about..

Well I’ve been doing a little digging and according to multiple sources.  The beef aroused from the relationships that Lashawn and April were seeking with other people in order to advance there appearance on a national stage.  They actually started Instagram and other accounts using the hashtag #AmericasFavoriteCouple  which is all good. 

When your using that hashtag based on the fact that your on another couples show it is almost a slap in the face considering without Tamar and Vince they wouldn’t of had the platform for people to know who they are as a couple.  I understand Lashawn when he says he doesn’t need anyone to put him on, cause he been on musically.  But honestly if it wasn’t for Tamar and Vince allowing them on that show I wouldn’t of known who either of them were;  That’s still with all of Lashawn’s Accolades.

I can see where the shade was sensed.  Tamar felt like the Daniels were going behind there backs by befriending Mona Scott Young and Tamar’s ex makeup artist Terrell Mullins. She senses that they are gunning for there own show, which would of been all good with Tamar and Vince as long as they had there hands in it.  I feel as friends when finding out this info she should of supported April and Lashawn.  I mean they already got coin what’s wrong with them doing TV?

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