Furious, Big Seans Reasons for Breakup With Ariana…

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Big Sean said he’s had it with Ariana’s Disrespectful Diva attitude that’s she been exuding as of late.  Big Sean believes it was all Ariana Grande idea to have Justin Bieber grab up on her at her concert she had him on this past month, that sent the rapper on a Twitter Rage  (See photo Below)

The rapper also list off some of her annoying traits such as being frivolous and inconsiderate.  For ex he states that Ariana was in the habit of making him come to wherever she was, which wasn’t a problem except she wanted him to fly private jet which cost around 10,000.00 or more. 

 He said he’d flown out too see her on multiple occasions and she acted as though it was a problem whenever he asked her to reciprocate.  He had a Major performance & party of his life at The House of Blues West Hollywood the night before the Grammy’s she neglected to attend due to her wanting to Rehearse for the Grammy’s (Which I don’t see what the Big Deal was) 

Sean is always trying to blame the other person for there failed relationship when he broke up with Naya Rivera that was her fault… I bet she’s somewhere laughing and smacking her lips.

We get it you can’t have any one who’s more selfish then you.  If the roles were reversed you’d expect her to respect what you have going. 
Apparently Big Sean aint so Big, ya figured he’d have more going on to occupy his own time.  I’m a fan of his Music, but I’m not understanding how he figures he can have a normal relationship with a Star that’s as big as him or in this case bigger and not have scheduling problems.  You need to get get with back Ashley from the block or a everyday girl..

Let’s face it, Ariana got ne less problem without you…

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