"The Rock Developing Sequel to San Andreas"

New Line and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are in talks to do a sequel to the highly successful movie which starred the actor “San Andres”.  According to sources in the industry Neil Widener and Gavin James have been approached about writing a script what New Line is hoping to be a bad ass Blockbuster sequel to an already appealing story line.

Of Course Dwayne will reprise his role as Ray, a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. Along with the other actors who played his wife and daughter.  So its exciting to know there going to follow up, I was hoping there was another part to this.  I think if they went in the direction of Zombie or an Alien Invasion it would be even more eye opening as California falling off the map.

The first film  grossed over $473 million worldwide, so I can imagine what this one will do.  Considering he’s back in the WWE game shouldn’t be hard to promote with all those fans and who knows maybe he’ll allow some of fellow wrestlers be it male or female have a role.. Spread the love pick Nattie!

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