Obama Signs Order Relocating Congress to Guantanamo Bay

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President’s Obamas face speaks volumes of the sentiment I felt when I read that he’d signed his “Executive Order” yesterday.  My Jaw dropped. 

It was just last year the President led the United States into a reconciliation with Communist Cuba, which opened up the opportunity for Americans to travel there and spend there legally.   It’s funny because a lot of American’s really don’t know the story behind why we’d cut ties with Cuba to begin with, all they knew was it’s one more vacation hotspot they can add to the list.    I’d be all day explaining America-Cuba relations so I’m just going to give you a starting point of Knowledge “Bay of Pigs”. 

It’s quite eerie and funny that Obama signed this “Executive Order” not even days after Judge Antonin Scalia (whom say agree passed mysteriously) was buried.  Scalia was known for his Strong strides in protecting the American Constitution and the Freedom it stood for.  Scalia weeks before his death had just shut down a few of Obama’s irate policies he was trying to forge forward into law.

How and why is this move by President Obama necessary?  Some would say it adds fuel to the fire that Obama will be the last standing President of the United States.  For me that theory is getting harder not to believe considering the excitement behind this chess move he made.  In my mind he know’s in order to pull off taking control of America would be at a distance.  I can imagine that the Guantanamo Bay location is where he’d be while ushering in era of persecution of the American people, specifically Christians.

Excerpts From The New Yorker Article Below:

The President did not specify what the current U.S. Capitol building would be used for in the future, but he hinted that it could be the setting for historic reënactments in the manner of Colonial Williamsburg.
“I think it could be fascinating to school groups,” he said. “It could really take them back to the olden days when it was a real, functioning place.”
Minutes after the President signed the order, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) called it “an outrage” and “grounds for impeachment,” but Obama appeared to take such howls of protest in stride.
“If Congress believes that this executive order is illegal, they can take it up with the Supreme Court,” he said. “Oh wait—we don’t have a Supreme Court.”
Read Full Article Here-Obama Signs Executive Order

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