Baltimore Police Officer Caught Assaulting…

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A storms a brewing in Baltimore after a video surfaced of a Uniformed Police Officer got caught assaulting a young boy on camera.  Shame the kid who filmed it didn’t have enough sense to blur out his face before he posted said video. That’s neither here nor there I’m just glad he got it on tape.  Lord knows what the little boy had done, but that doesn’t justify anyone putting there hands on another persons child that way be it an officer of the law or some random.  At the end of the day there both the latter.  Check the video and full story below.

Baltimore City school police chief Marshall Goodwin has been placed on administrative leave following an announcement that the school system is investigating a cellphone video that shows a uniformed officer slapping a young man.Schools spokeswoman Edie House Foster said Wednesday that school officials are “vigorously” investigating the case, and confirmed the unnamed officer in the video also was placed on administrative leave.

Foster would not say why the two were placed on leave.

The video was filmed Tuesday at REACH Partnership School in East Baltimore, according to school officials, and then posted to Facebook. Foster said the officer’s behavior in it is “unacceptable and appalling.”

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on Wednesday morning also described the scene in the video as “appalling,” and said the officer’s actions could further harm the relationship between the community and the police.

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