FRED In Maryland this past Monday a Baltimore Judge found Police Lt. Brian Rice ‘Not Guilty’ in the untimely & unjustifiable death of Freddy Gray in April 2015.  Rice is the last & highest ranking officer of all 6 who’ve been tried and acquitted so far.

Freddy Gray died in Police Custody while riding in the back of a police van for an arrest that was made and never really justified in its self.  He’d dealt with the harassment from the Maryland Police in the past and the day of his arrest and death he was surely upset & frightened on what they intended on charging him with out of spite this time around.  Instead of having to come up with money to  pay another ticket or fine to the city, he paid with his life.  After Police failed to properly secure and buckle him into the Van and drove around rigorously throughout the neighborhood.  brian riceLt. Brian Rice-Mug Shot)

The driver  whom also has been acquitted reportedly made sharp turns and breaking hard causing Freddy Gray to be flung around like a rag doll, in the back of the van.  Which in turn caused Gray to suffer sever spinal injuries & neck fractures.  Rice is responsible for helping putting Gray into the back of the van and not taking responsibility for making sure he was properly secured, he claims that he & other officers were in “danger of the crowd that was growing around them”.  That’s the reason he gives for not doing his job and yet Circuit Judge Barry Williams found it necessary to find Rice  ‘not guilty’ of reckless endangerment,  involuntary manslaughter, and misconduct in office.

I’d think that he would at least get the latter, but come to find out he did an excellent ob in securing another human life in is custody.  Which is why there was no need to charge him for misconduct in office, heck he was outside. SMDH!  It’s scary out here for all American’s when you can live in a day and age when Public Servants aren’t held to the same standards as citizens and held accountable for their actions.  Also with everything going on in America, all one can think of is how this ruling isn’t doing anything but adding fuel to the fire that’s blazing in our streets.  These acquittals of all the officer’s involved in Freddy Gray’s death was meant to be blatant and hurtful, not only to his family but everyone else who dared to care about the outcome.




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