Funky Dineva Addresses Beef W/ATLien

For all of us it started first with the video that was posgted by Blogger Michelle ATLien Brown, posting periscope calling out now ex Bestie, Funky Dineva and the shambles he left her TownHouse in.  Now why would anyone allow someone to move into there home without a down payment or lease/contract in place is beyond me. 
In the Periscope she complains about the, dog poo/piss all over the house, her flooring destroyed by said feces along with bleach.  When I first heard the story all I could think was with a name like Funky Dineva, what did you expect?  But there’s two sides to a story so check the otherside after the break

To funny, I had to catch my breath, when he said Reco Chapple of House of Chapple based out of Atlanta had to throw away a Chair he had because he couldn’t get her fish smell out of it.  LMAO I Died, I wished I knew what audio mark that was on but I couldn’t stop laughing to think to look, I know it was somewhere towards the end.

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