Kris Jenner Kicks Kanye Out!?

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Story through the grapevine is Kris Jenner got tired of Kanye butting into the deal she was putting together for youngest Harlot daughter Kylie Jenner.  He weeks before and even after the announcement been adamant that this deal wouldn’t go through.  He’s caught up on having to be her competition.
I don’t think he can stomach the fact his wife younger sister is about to break the bank with her line of whatever she decides to do with them.  
Kanye is so use to controlling everything around him.  Even as a child he told his mother he didn’t want anyone telling him what to do,  as quoted by his mom’s ex husband of 4 years. 
 Now story is he and Kim’s rift is growing wider.  I find it hilariously funny that anyone would believe that its that serious, considering all the rumors that were and still float about his sexual preferences. 
 It’s almost as though they leak false information and post certain things just to stay in the limelight and bring attention there way.  So it wouldn’t surprise me if this wasn’t just all a rouse. 
It’s going to take one of them openly filing for divorce before I myself completely believe this story.

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