Underground Season 1 Ep 1

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For all the people who can never seem to watch streaming movies online, I want you to take a look at the picture above before you attempt to hit play on the player.  Do yourself a huge favor in order to watch this video with no delay or pop up *PRESS THE RED X ON THE WHITE BOX BEFORE YOU HIT PLAY*  Sometime there’s not a Red X but a Grey X either way hit the X first before you hit play!!!
This first episode was very soul moving I cant wait til next Wednesday.  They had a great cast of African American actors that I love to see.  I liked the fact that the music they mixed in there was representative of today, yet they didn’t tamper with the struggle.  It almost like a up to date Roots.  Jurnee Smollett was already a great actress, but this roll solidifies that title even more.  Her brother Jussie I will be doing his thing on Empire, omg on Wednesday to if not mistaken in the same time slot if im not mistaken…Hmmmm Well if you cant choose you can always come here to my website to watch both later…

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