@BlacChyna & Baby Daddy in Jamaica


Blac Chyna and her Baby Daddy Rob Kardashian Touched down in Jamaica this weekend for the #BrittJam Festivities.  Blac Chyna hosted a club night there with Rob by her side. 
I love seeing Rob’s out of his depression and she had him out and enjoying himself.  His family made it seem as though he was on the edge of killing himself everyday. 
 A lot of people just cant accept that she’s preggo but according to sources at the party she turned down alcohol left and right;  It doesn’t take a scientist to see that Rob’s losing weight and she’s gaining.  What other sense would it make considering there on the same meal plan Chyna openly works out just as much as Rob if not more. 
 Hell she’s helping him lose weight, so no one can convince me Blac Chyna’s not pregnant.  Check out the rest of the tell-tale photo’s below.
I’m hoping its a boy so he can carry on the Kardashian last name.. Im shrilling with excitement.  I cant wait to see the looks on Robert’s sisters faces.  I’d literally sell a kidney to have front row seats to that show. 
 I’d die just to come back and be a fly on the wall at the moment that actually learns its true if they don’t know by now anyways.  I’m certain the Kardashians sisters and there goons are lurking on social media seeing the same pics i’m seeing and going,  awwww damn!   lol awwww the thought tickles my fancy.
See she look like she just got through eating a Carls Jr’ Burger as Dae Dae would put it.  BlacChyna is thick she aint never been chubby outside of being pregnant with King Last;  You see that she snap back real quick.
Look above and tell me that’s not a baby bump..lol
Blac Chyna leaning in getting her some sugar from her Baby Zaddy.
Amber Rose is somewhere seething wondering why she didn’t think of tapping Rob as first. Lol…Now that I’m thinking about his family kept him so sheltered and indoctrinated in what they expected him to do it was like they made sure that could never happen.  Soon as Rob got tired of his family’s antics he made sure something of that nature could happen by himself pursuing Blac Chyna.  I’m certain Chyna was hesitant at first believing he’d want to actually want to be with her.

The pic below is what started the speculation and the one’s of above pretty much confirm it for me.

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