TX School Bans Parents From Walking Kids to School


A School in Texas has decided that parents on foot walking there Children to school are a danger to the student body as a whole at Bear Branch Elementary in Magnolia,TX .  I find it a bit ridiculous, it would of been better if they’d assigned badges to do so and implemented a monthly fee to be able to do it.  It’d of made more sense to me.  It would of allowed to pro-actively monitor who was on and off the campus at any given point.  It would of allowed them another source or form of income to which they could of utilized for different activities and events held by the school and district if they decided to .  I think this decision was abrupt and unnecessary and puts plenty of children who live to close to be eligible for the bus in danger, considering predators now know there vulnerable.

Parents are pulling their children out of a Texas elementary school over a new policy banning family members from campus. 

At the beginning of the academic year, Bear Branch Elementary School Principal Holly Ray instituted a new rule banning parents from stepping foot on campus. 

Parents now only have the options of having their children ride the bus or waiting in a mile-long car line to shuttle their kids to and from school.

Those who have flouted the rules and accompanied their children to the campus say they have been threatened with criminal charges.

Private school teacher Wendy Jarman, who lives in a neighborhood by the school, says she used to walk her children to and from the educational institution.

She took her children out of the school on Monday, due to the new rule. 


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