ANGELA SIMMONSRev Run’s youngest daughter Angela Simmons has finally let the proverbial cat out the bag, by finally admitting that she is in fact expecting a little bundle of joy with.  ANGELA SIMMONS 4Every since Angela announced her engagement last month to Atlanta Native Sutton Tennyson, rumors have been circulating about her fiance and their relationship.  Some of the things that people were whispering about in the industry was that Angela’s pher boo was a bum and she was pregnant by him.  She went weeks up until yesterday before she finally admitted she was indeed with child.


Now I understand her dad is a reverend and we’d like to think that makes all his children immune to sin, but that’s not the case and never will be.   So Rev Run isn’t to blame.  Now Angela Simmons mouth is considering she’s the walk that walked around making it a point for people to know she’s a virgin and plans on remaining one til she was married.

It almost makes you wonder if you made it this far being a virgin, what was it about this guy that made you want to break your vow all of the sudden and give up your goodies?  I guess we’ll find out in the new season of “Growing up Hip Hop”, which I’m certain countless others are waiting with bated breath to see how much she’ll share on the show.

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