Some people should really not talk at all.  Does this girl not have a publicist.  It took a while but she was starting to grow on me.  That’s until I read said below statement about her first encounter with singer Madonna.  When I read that I could see Rita Ora and for exactly who she is.  A “Fan Girl Groupie” who doesn’t see her self worth. 
I mean to tell that story knowing that young girls who follow her closely would read that, what was she really trying to say.  I’ll let you check the excerpt from the interview below. 
So story starts out, Rita and Madonna end up at the same charity even in London.  Rita Ora knew Madonna would be there so she stalked around for her like some groupie..

“I was once doing a charity event and I met my idol Madonna, I was waiting for her and I was shivering. And my sister said to me, ‘Are you OK? You look really crazy.’ And I was like, ‘I think I am going to be sick’. And Madonna walks in with lighting all around her,” she recalled.

Rita then approached the 57-year-old singer and tried to start a conversation, but she was so surprised when Madonna asked her to kneel down because she blocked her lighting. “I said, ‘Hi, it is so nice to meet you’ and she was like, ‘This is the lighting here. Can you just kneel down here on the floor?’ ” Rita shared.

However, the 25-year-old songstress didn’t refuse Madonna’s request. “I was like OK. So I kneeled down on the floor and we had this conversation where I was on the floor,” Rita said. “Can you believe that? But that is Madonna and she can do whatever she wants. That was major. Everything is a learning curve.”

Learning Curve, girl boo.  Do you think any other artist before you ever bowed to talk to this chick?  If so do you think they ran to tell anyone else that and justified her behavior with O she’s Madonna.  I forget she’s from England so they courtesy and bow to random people and apparently those who they think are royalty.  I wish Madonna come to a Southern Charity Event with that attitude she’d of gotten dragged.

With all that’s transpired with the Kesha case and what she revealed about the industry it makes you wonder what all else goes down behind closed doors.  Why does Madonna son Rocko wants to get the hell away from her?  hmmmmm Wonder if she’ll make the Judge bow to her, when she goes for her custody case? GTFOH

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