Lil Wayne made a bold statement today in Miami at Beyonce’s Formation Tour Kickoff by posing with none other then Rick Ross and Trick Daddy themselves.  In the past few months both rappers have spoken on Birdman and who he is as a Businessman and that didnt go over to well for the Breakfast Club. 

lil wayne, rick ross, trick daddy, formation tour,birdman
Rick Ross, Lil Wayne & Trick Daddy in Miami

Which is strange since there the one’s who just done the interview and they didn’t Rick Ross or Trick Daddy say anything they didn’t want to say.  So why did Birdman go off on them or as Charlamane would ask Why didn’t roll up on Rick Ross or Trick Daddy like that?Backstory Behind Birdmans Rant on Breakfast Club

So you know the pic taken above posted by  Ross himself on social media has  to be a slap to Birdman’s face.  Weezy is clearly holding up a middle finger and let’s not all pretend we don’t know who it’s for.  It’s funny because Wayne and Birdman have a Smokey and De-Boe type relationship.  Cause when Birdman around Wayne quiet and when he leave he start talking again.  Ha!

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