Chris Brown has a lot more going on in his world then he’d like for us to know, especially his baby mother Nia.  Considering she’s already taking Chris Brown back to Court for Child Support- See Full Article Here-NIA TO CHRIS BROWN “ROYALTY DESERVES MORE MONEY”Nia’s argument before was she needed more money to afford the lifestyle her father affords for his safety, for not just Royalty but for her and her eldest daughter Zilla and I agree. 

It was just this past week another trespasser made it onto Chris Browns property a girl by the name of Danielle Patti, and come to find out this is the girls second offense in trespassing onto his property.  So who knows how many more of these incidences go unheard of to the public, much more his child’s mother NIa Guzman.  Now in this case the girl waited til the gates were opened and Chris drove in, to walk up behind him and his friends, security caught her before she could fully make it onto the property and detained Danielle until cops came.  So they were luckier then the time we knew of before Crazy Girl Breaks Into Chris Brown Mansion & Cooks.

Now imagine these females are breaking into the house to see Chris Brown, I’m sorry but his daughter is cuter than him hands down and he needs to think about her safety outside of when she’s with him. Point, Blank and a Period.


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