CHRIS BROWN NIA GUZMANArtist and Entrepreneur Chris Brown is being dragged back to court by his Baby Mother  Ms.Nia Guzman.  She is not happy with the reportedly 2,500.00 a month a Houston Judge set back when she had resided in Texas. She feels she’s entitled to more since she’s relocated to Los Angeles with both Royalty and her eldest daughter she affectionately calls “Zilla” from another relationship;  I try to stay neutral, not be biased and consider both sides of the coin.  Except in  this case I agree, considering 2500.00 a month sounds great in TX but when you’ve relocated a whole family to California for the sake of another person’s ability and convience to see their child, it only sounds fair.

Considering Chris brings in an insurmountable amount of money it only sounds feasible he pays a little bit more to suit the lifestyle his daughter deserves to live.  He could kick out an additional 4-5 thousand a month without breaking his pockets.  The argument that Nia has for the courts is that Chris likes to flaunt his wealth on social media so she knows he can afford to pay more;  There is no argument there, if he can go out and spend 100,000.00 on strippers, boose and cars then his daughter deserves to have the same reserved for her, if not now then for her future.

I’d advise Nia to see an additional 5,000 a month and to request the Judge in California set up some type of investment for Royalty.  It’s only fair and its mutually beneficial to both parents as they both know there child is set for the future.   So I hope the two of them can come to a mutual agreement without the courts.




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