Joseline is a “Messy Biatch” this whole episode, this and the last episode  should of just been called “Sherlock Joseline , One Messy Biatch” and pt2 tonight.  She just dropped whole bombs left and right not caring who she offended.  I believe her intention is to come for others before they can think to come for her, but in the long run she’s creating the issues.  In order for me to understand her beef with Karlie Redd, I’m going to need the whole story from either one of them.Jessica Dime Piece stay waiting on her moment to be relevant, and her presence on the cast eludes me till this day.  She ought to be lucky Joseline invited her anywhere in her around her.  All that thirsty stalking Jessica did last season, trying to expose Stevie J & Joseline for the freaks “we all knew they are”.  Its like, and what now?

Mimi Girlfriend is nervous to meet Joseline and Stevie J.

Scrappy & Kirk meet and talk for a moment, do they make up?  I’ll let you watch and see for yourself. Click Link Below×315.html

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