Janet Jackson had good reason for canceling her tour dates as of recent.  Turn out her and hubby Wissam Al Mana are expecting a child together.  It’s a blessing and alarming at the same time because of Janet’s age.  

Being 50 doesn’t mean one can’t or shouldn’t have children,  it’s just more of a high-risk pregnancy.  Hence why she canceled her tour on thousands of fans who had the dough to cough up for them tickets (I wasn’t one of them.)   I’m happy for Janet but at the same time its confusing and hard for me to accept that the media say’s this is her first child;  It has a lot to do with the rumored child she had with James Debarge back in the day and gave away to one of her family members to raise.

Til this day James struggles with drug addiction and people like to point out how it was shortly after is Relationship with Janet Jackson abruptly ended, his struggles began.  Considering Joe Jackson at one point had all his children under his thumb, I can imagined what happened.  Janet and James Debarge told Papa Joe that they were having a baby.  Joe then tells Janet how this is going to ruin her career being a mom young and having a baby.

Janet cant stomach the idea of an abortion, so she abruptly breaks it off with James, then goes into hiding for a bit and has the baby.   Then she gives it to one of her other family members to raise.

All the while James hears whispers here and there of a child and it probably drives him further into depression and drugs.  Hey I’m just guessing, then again my intuition is pretty strong.  I’m generally right.   But for lawsuit sake I’d say it was a mediocre prediction of what could be truth.

Hey for now I’ll say congrats on your 1st Child Janet, but let me find out this isn’t, every time I see you I’m gone be, SMDH!

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