BC2Blac Chyna finally confirmed what myself and other’s have been speculation for over a month now and thats her and Rober Kardashian are expecting-Is Blac Chyna & Rob Expecting?  So naturally everyone wants to know what’s next for the two.


Robert Kardashian and his siblings publicly made up, just weeks prior to the May 1st Premier of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” took place.  Seem’s as though Blac Chyna’s  pregnancy might have played a role in forcing an amicable reconciliation with the Kardashian Clan herself as she’s been spotted out with Ex-bestie Kim just weeks ago-Blac Chyna & Rob Spotted Out With Kim K .Then the week before she hung out with her former arch nemesis & new bestie Kylie Jenner.

Angela has made the right moves especially when it came to sending her mother Tokyo Toni back home.  She was to busy going around bashing the Kardashians, then apologizing in the next breath.  Which I’d think was more embarrassing to Tokyo then anyone else considering she’s known for back tracking after them tongue lashings she’s gotten from Blac Chyna.

Chyna has dealt the ultimate check-mate to the Kardashian-Jenner Clan and its in their best interest that they do welcome Blac Chyna into the family.  If they didn’t then it could’ve gotten down right disrespectful,  with the information she must have on this family. Being so close to Rob that is.

Wonder if Tyga is going to take the time to congratulate them on the baby like he did the engagement.


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