MUHAMAAD ALI  It hasn’t even been a full week since legendary boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali has been laid to rest and here come’s the jackals out to play.  A former Girlfriend of Ali, by the name of Barbara Mensah is shopping around an alleged sex tap that features the boxer and several other women including herself, partaking in a group sex act. 

Now how she plans on pulling this off is beyond me, considering she doesn’t have the consent of several of the different parties involved.  I guess she figured whomever she sold it to, would have to figure out that issue on their own.  All she want is her moola.

Also as a result of their torrid affair she claims that she birthed Ali’s child, a daughter by the name of Kiiursti.  So you know she’s going to be one of the first illegitimate children of Ali in line to do a paternity test for a peace of his fortune.  I find it amazing she waits until he dies to want to put the video on the chopping block.   Then again had she tried when he was still living then she’d likely had a hard tie getting his consent to release the sex tape, now that Ali is dead there is nothing stopping her legally.

She’s shopping the tape around to the highest bidder, so we shall see if there’s  any takers in the coming weeks.  I sure Barbara will keep us updated, as the 70 year old peddler has access to social media.muhammad ali1

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