BOBBY BROWN1RnB Legend & Singer Bobby Brown is not letting anything from his past fall through the cracks in his upcoming memoirs.

With recent snippet’s and revelations leaking of what’s to come out of the memoirs, each one more jaw dropping then last. See-Bobby Brown Reveals Parts of HIs Memoir.  This Week he let it be known that as a child he’d mistakenly at the tender age of 10, Fried chicken with Cocaine.

Bobby say’s growing up at the time he didn’t realize his mom sold cocaine to help take care of the family (Way to go! Selling your mom out. Smdh).  He goes on to say his mom had recently taught him “how to fry chicken”, so he’d know how to do it on his own.

Well he was hungry one day and grabbed what he believed to be a bag of flour and proceeded to “shake and bake” little did he know how literal he was being.  As he was eating away at the chicken, each bite getting stranger.  His mom walks in and prevents him from eating the rest.  How traumatic that must of been for a child, no telling what kind of withdrawals he went through.

I’m not quite sure how much more I can take from these Memoirs of Bobby, he’s had a cocaine fried chicken mouthful to say so far and I’m thinking if this is what he’s allowing to leak what in the world is he actually going to make us wait for in the book… Hmm Sure to make for a good read when it comes out.  I’m certain he’s going to speak on his now infamous ex-mother in-law Cissy Houston eventually, or one can hope.


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