david banner David Banner is by far one of the sexiest, most articulate and posed southern rappers that I’ve ever known.  So it was shocking and disappointing to hear that this past week he was caught up in an altercation outside of club in D.C. of all places.

Then Banner decides to try and intimidate “Black “Media” by saying don’t buy into or promote the story.  In the mean while there’s video footage of you acting a fool.  Social Media and Entertainment don’t even have to write a story, all they have to do is hit play.  So myself being this so called “Black Media” you speak of, I happen to take offense.  Simply because who are you to dictate what I should and shouldn’t buy into, who said I wasn’t putting this story on lay away.   Or maybe I’m bootlegging it and I essentially didn’t have to pay for a thing.david banner3

Now back to you acting a fool in D.C.  in which the decisions you made, resulted in you getting arrested.  First off you were denied entry to a club, big whoop!?  Magic Johnson son EJ was turned away from Nice Guys LA the other night.  Do you think he put up a huge fight?  No, he whined in the bouncers face for a few moments and fiddled with his phone and walked off. Yet here you are a man in my opinion represented  “Strength”, “Honor” & “Wisdom” acting a fool with a bouncer.  It’s not becoming of your character,  it may have been more to this story that we don’t understand and that’s fine.  DAVID BANNER2David Banner – Black Fist ft. Tito Lo-Intro (In His Words)

Nothing excuses Banner’s behavior, especially after the Police got involved.  People were witnessed to hearing him say after they cops showed up, how “He didn’t give a f*** about the police”.  Which I wouldn’t advise anyone to yell out during an encounter with a cop.  As a grown man you had plenty of time and opportunity before Police had gotten there, to walk away and go to another club had it been your choice.  Instead you chose to stand there and argue with a bouncer at the door of a club he controlled entry and exit out of apparently.

I’m going to tell you David it’s not to late for redemption, you’d be better off saying how you accept your part in what happened and how you could of handled it better.   You can do that and still stand tall, but don’t not address this situation and allow this one day to ruin or eat away at your image.  I’d like to continue believing your a good man.  This altercation happened not even 2 weeks after the premier of Black Fist Video Premier, a song in which he addresses the importance of Black Lives.

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