stevie j joselineJoseline Hernandez has been dropping bombshells about everyone on this seasons Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and sad to say “Husband” Stevie J isn’t even an exception to her wrath.

Joseline has warned Stevie J in the past that she’d start calling him out if he didn’t straighten up and start treating her right and sure enough she made good on her promise.   She couldn’t even wait til the reunion to reveal the juicy details, I believe for fear of Stevie J’s connection’s that they’d edit it out.  So without a seconds delay she posted this snapshot to her social media of the lie detector test she’d taken to expose one of her exes little secrets.joseline hernandez joseline hernandez2

So now the world knows Stevie J’s little secret.  That allegedly he like’s Tran Porn, but honestly I mean why would she believe that this would be world news?  People knew from his dealings with Bad Boy and being in the industry already that was more than likely the case.  Her outing him after being in a relationship is more telling of her character.  It was almost like saying if I don’t want you, I’m going to make sure nobody else does either and I think that’s messed up.

I can only imagine what Stevie J has on her, lets not forget the sex tape he had of Eve that was put out that years ago and removed from the face of the earth. I doubt Joseline has that much clout her husband isn’t a billionaire and hell from what I understand they’re not actually married.  The fact that she addresses him as her husband is alarming considering she doesn’t want him.  Stop using him to be relevant if you believe you can do this on your own. Do you honestly think your relationship with Young Dro is what’s going to keep you a story line on LHHATL?

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