beyonce-formatin-atlBeyonce’s performance in Atlanta just shortly ended not to long ago and everybody in can’t stop raving on social media how amazing it was! Oh what it would of been to just be a fly on the wall in that venue. As for the stills and short videos that were captured by fans I’m certain as amazing as they were did the show no justice. @v_watson Instagram

beyonce-5Beyonce giving face on stage…She also mixed in Shawty Lo’s “Dey Know” into part of her music as a tribute to the deceased artist, as he passed recently in a tragic car accident.  It drove the crowd wild,  and made for a really good show.-Shawty Lo Dies in Tragic Car Accident!.

jay-z-gucci-maneJay-Z and Gucci Mane backstage at the Formation World Tour in Atlanta, the second sold out show in Atlanta for this Tour Alone. cynthia-baileyCynthia Bailey came through showing face and giving body, and now that she’s filed for divorce from Peter she’s available fella’s. kodak-lens-2DJ Khaled,TI Young Thug and friends back stage at the Formation Tour. @Kodaklens Instagram saidanairobiThe Ladies/Dancer’s of the Formation Tour took a second to capture a pic backstage, this photo is from @saidanairobi on Instagram. kodak-lens


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