DRAKE1Following the death of “The Voice” singer Christina Grimmie Drake is the first Hip Hop artist to cancel his back stage meet & greet packages.  Which I think considering the circumstances and the lifestyle he leads, this is one of the smartest things he can do in regards to his and those around him he cares about safety. 

The deranged man who paid to see Christina back-stage that night at “The Plaza” theater in Orlando, had only one motive to kill her and that was  “he was in love”, with her.  So considering Drake actually has hater’s out here, who’s to say that someone wouldn’t pay to get to him and take him out.  To much is going on in this world not to heed the warnings that are in front of you, with the Pulse Night Club shooting I wouldn’t be surprised if Drake stopped going out as much.  Simply because people seem to try to emulate what they see in movies and even more so on the news.

It comes as no surprise is willing to refund those who’ve paid for a chance to meet him, cause he’s not willing to take a chance on his life.  So sorry, Ladies & Gentleman.  Now I haven’t heard Future has canceled yet and considering they’re on same tour together, maybe you’ll bump into Drake. Eh… Now at least I don’t feel bad I didn’t by the VIP tickets.

Justin Bieber beat everybody to the game of canceling meet and greet’s earlier this year after a stalker of his found her way back stage to him.

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