TONI BRAXTON BABYI wasn’t going to say anything when the rumor’s first started going around they were dating, because well I figured it was just a gaff at that fact they would actually be. But with everyday that passes it’s getting harder not to believe they possibly could be dating. 

I mean Toni seems like she’d be the type to be okay with dating an openly bi-sexual man;  What better than for him to be a tyrant and a thug, now she has a two for one deal going.  The video posted below is of Toni & Birdman walking hand and hand at a what was described as the Mall.

I want so bad to take Toni and shake her by the shoulders and say “Nobody believes, you!” But I’d take it that would be to harsh.  I’m just going to allow these shenanigans to play out and see what happens.  I’ll start believing they’re real when he puts a ring on it and Toni’s Crooked daddy is walking her down the isle again.

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