keyshiakaoir gucci Recently freed rapper Gucci Mane and Fiance Keyshia Kaoir are rumored to be in talks to do their own reality show.

The show’s intentions are to allow fans access to his personal life and reformation of himself as a person.  Gucci has dealt with drug and mental issues in the past with the multiple arrest and jail time he’s faced.  gucci mane5

His transformation has been so apparent so far that die-hard fans are starting to question whether the person who was released from prison is the real Gucci Mane or not.  Noticeably missing from his face is the Ice Cream Tattoo his crazy a** got years ago and he no longer speaks like he’s an illiterate 8-year-old child.  Gucci Mane addressed the clone rumors on social media, check video below.

Hopefully this reality show will address all the fans unanswered questions to his dramatic rehabilitation and hopefully its all for the better, considering the route he was headed down to begin with.  Maybe it will help in the reformation of fans who inspired to live the life he perpetrated to the detriment of his own life.  The life style he was living wasn’t healthy so if this is the new Gucci Mane I support him.

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