FUTURE ROLLING STONEThe beginning of Future’s headline on the cover for his story says it all, “Syrup & Strippers”,  Hip hop seemed to be the last thing he was worried about. Figuratively and literally,  The fact that he’s standing there on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with a dirty, dingy and cut up shirt tells me he knows how much a bum he really is. (Bum (n):A lazy or shiftless person, especially one who seeks to live solely by the support of others.

  And can someone tell me exactly what he was doing for his hair to fall like he did in that picture for the photographer to capture it, just so perfectly.  It almost looks as though someone walked up to him and said “I’m just going to put this here and don’t move.”  The article starts off slow, at no fault of Future but mainly because the writer had to describe every detail of the room, atmosphere and location.  Along with a brief background description on Future, which helped him tie into the questions he’d asked.

For someone who spends his fair amount of time in court for visitation for the son he sired with Pop singer Ciara, you’d think he’d have a bit more decorum when it came to the lifestyle he lives and who he allows to see or record it;  Based off what the interviewer observed it smelled of Kush &  Future had lean and soda bottles just sitting there on a shelf in his house.   He’s so arrogant in this interview it’s no wonder he didn’t think about how this interview could affect visitation, she could have a court mandate a nanny who insures the child’s safety and whereabouts when Baby Future isn’t in her custody.  Which is what I believe what she’s been wanting all along.

“The air seems composed mostly of high-grade kush smoke, accompanied by just enough oxygen to sustain life. On a shelf in the corner are liter bottles of sugary sodas – Sprite, Pineapple Sunkist, Strawberry Fanta – mixers for a bottle of codeine cough syrup adorned with a picture of Homer Simpson.”-Brian Hiatt, Rolling Stone.

Now that’s not to say having these things doesn’t make him a good parent, but if this what he call hosting an interview at his house and he didn’t know this man.  No telling what he does around his child, that is or isn’t safe.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Ciara doesn’t use any part of this interview as evidence in any future (no pun) child custody hearings.  I know Futures lawyer is some where shaking his d*mn head.

The interview leads into more darker territory when he starts talking about women,  he was especially amped up about a conversation he explains he himself had with Music Producer Mike Will Made It, about young women from Miami.  He talks about how they get wifed up quick by celebrities and how California chicks were easier, because all you have to do is a have a blunt to chill, basically.

Future on Women from Miami:

It’s plentiful, man,” he says. “It’s everything you want. They breed wifeys down there! That’s where everyone comes to – baseball players, football players. It’s a bidding war down there. In Miami, they all 21, 22. By the time they get to 23, they gone.” When Future gets enthusiastic in conversation, which isn’t often, the music lurking in his drawl comes out. “They raising them. They young. Fresh. Partying till six in the morning. They’re doing that shit every night.”

California women, he says, are more chill. “You spend money just on weed. A chick can come to the house and smoke and be cool. They know how to kick it.”-Future-Rolling Stone Magazine

I know your thinking that’s not so bad, but there’s more.  The Interview leads to him talking about when he’s on the road and what generally goes down.  The topic of where he was heading next, that he was excited about came up and that question really had him open, the fact that he gets to share with “Rolling Stone” and the World that he’s down for naked, swinger parties  is beyond me.

“I’m going there for two weeks at a big-ass house. That shit is stupid – studio on that motherfucker, pool. I plan this shit out with bitches. You fly some of them in on Sunday, and then another group come in – a rotation. We have to create our vibe and let other people deal with the real world, while we create our world. Get a girl to bring her friend, get another girl to bring her friend, and it’s gonna be a movie. We’re having naked parties, for real. Every moment, I’m making moments.”Future-Rolling Stone Magazine

Future runs with a big crew of fellows and they’re all sharing this random girls and people wonder why Ciara ran for the hills.  It’s a wonder she was able to walk away from that relationship without any incurable diseases.  Don’t get me wrong, I want Future to succeed and be legendary.  It’s just hard to believe that he’ll be around much longer at the rate he’s going and with the people he keeps around him.  Rocko Da Don is already suing him for unpaid royalties and being in breach of contract & he’s going to have to start to look at them pockets and eventually have to start cutting people out of them.   The interview was pretty decent after you filter past all the other randomness that flew out this “mans” mouth.

Check out the Full Travesty of an Interview on Rolling Stone (Here)


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