FUTUREZAHIRFuture Zahir is somewhere tropical with his mother & stepfather Russell Wilson, its a wonder and don’t be surprised if Ciara doesn’t petition to have his name hyphenated along with Wilson and Wilburn which is biological father’s last name. Just to show of course they’re capable of evolving into a nuclear family.  The prayer would be that they could all hang out together and let bygones be bygones and support each other and raising lil Future up to being a good man, like Russell Wilson of course.  What better example then him.. #IJS Shade no Shade or Maybe you just haven’t read Future’s Rolling Stone Article in which he happily transcribes and prescribes the type of life he lives.Future Exposes His Wicked Ways To Rolling Stone Mag

RILEYCURRYLittle Princess Riley Curry just celebrated her 4th Birthday and her parent’s couldn’t be happier.  Ayesha posted this photo on Riley’s birthday, gushing about how proud she was of her eldest.  I love this family and I hope they have like 5 more kids, they are the cutest couple and you should of seen them on the red carpet at the ESPY’s a few weeks back-The Curry’s & Other Stunning Couples on ESPY Red Carpet

HARLEMCHRISTIAN COMBSHarlem Taylor & Christian Combs chop it up in a phone store in Los Angeles this past week.  Christian is Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs youngest son with model and entrepreneur Kim Porter.  This year Christian just graduated highschool and signed his first major record deal with Epic records on his 18th birthday. Harlem Taylor’s Father is none other the Jayceon Taylor or better known to us as The Game.  Harlem is The Game’s eldest son and from what I understand he’s an excellent Basketball player and has Hoop Dreams of his own that he intends on pursuing.

KINGSTEVENSONIt’s hard to believe that King Cairo Stevenson is only 3 years old and months shy of turning 4 in October this year.  He’s always been such a bright, intuitive and smart little boy, you can tell that he’s into life and here for it.   Not a day goes by King isn’t fresh, he has to be the cutest freshest 3 year old I’ve ever known.  I know it wont be hard for him to acclimate to being a big brother, considering he  so full of love to give-Blac Chyna Confirms Her Pregnancy.  His father captured this photo of him and posted on social media.  His mom Blac Chyna has been MIA on Instagram and every now again if you follow on snap she might post a little something.

WILLHEMINA MODELCordell Broadus son of Snoop & Shontae is not only a UCLA Student and Athlete, but most recently & notably signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency.  The above pic is just a taste of what’s to come and I’m really excited for him, the fact that he’s taking advantage of the opportunities bestowed upon him is appealing and telling of his character.  His brother Corde got lost in the sauce somewhere. His father Snoop just walked in a protest/rally alongside rapper The Game in the Streets of Los Angeles a few weeks back.  They got to meet with the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Los Angeles and say a few words to the graduating class of LA Police Recruits-Rappers The Game & Snoop Lead Peaceful Protest to LAPD Station

DOMANIHEIRESSDomani & Heiress Diane Harris hanging out with big brother.  Tameka Cottle coo’d over the love of 4 brothers her youngest girl had.  With all of them boys & two older sisters watching her back,  she probably wont be able to date seriously until she’s 18 and out the house. MELOKiyan Anthony, the one and only child for Carmelo & Lala Anthony so far.  I so hope they decide to have at least one more.  There deserves to be a little Lala in the World and Carmelo and Kiyan need a kick in the gut with another girl running around the house.  Besides it will their son someone else to lookout for besides himself.  You can tell by his physique, that he’s going to big & strong like his dad.  Just recently Lala served as a bridesmaid at Ciara & Russell Wilson’s Wedding-Ciara & Russell Wilson Start Their Future Together

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