CIARA RUSSELLRussell Wilson & Ciara are finally set to tie the knot in England this coming week and have invited & flown out several close family members & friends to enjoy in the festivities.  Ciara’s baby daddy Future somewhere playing his single “Juicy” in his feelings about Ciara.

People are debating on whether that’s who he talking about in the song with lyrics such as “Tryna f**k my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you.  Counting Ciara, Future has 4 baby mamas, but only one of his children go by the nickname ‘Juicy’ and that’s Baby Future.  Then you throw in the fact that in promoting the song entitled “Juicy” while on twitter he’d posted it along with football emoji’s that had guns pointed towards them.  I don’t know of his other baby mothers that’s dating and or engaged to a Football player be it Arena, or league.  Just recently Future dropped his counter suit against Ciara who’s still suing him for defamation.Low Life Rapper Counter-Suing Ciaraciara russell wilsonThis photo taken in recent days of Ciara & Russell in England had people thinking they were married already, but it turns out what was caught was them entering a building for their rehearsal wedding.  I can’t wait for the actual day, Ciara with that sleek model/muscular build is certain to look stunning standing next to a hunk like Russell.  I’m slightly jealous she gets to lay with such a gorgeous, handsome and thoughtful man.  I can only hope one day, I’d be just as lucky.  So Congrats to the beautiful couple and I wish them nothing but the best for their day.Why Can’t Yawl Let Ciara & Russell Live


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