future1Future thought he’d seen his last plaintiff in court this year but as of today that is longer a possibility, its a fact.   Prior to Future blowing up as big as he did, Fellow Atlanta Based Rapper Rocko Da Don signed Future to a 6 Album record deal. The deal was signed under Rocko’s Record Label A1 recordings.

As Future would like to put it “Its a Baby Mama Move”, but I think it’s the most boss move one can make in my opinion.  He actually allowed you to be a punk and let you sign that deal with Epic Records and make them all this money, by making money and going on tours around the world.  He let you do you & build up your bank, just so he could claim what was rightfully his and that’s a percentage of what you’ve made thus far.

In Rocko’s claims with the court he believes 25% of the advances made to Future from Epic is owed and 20% of his earnings from endorsements deals, touring, merchandise.   The total  of what Future owes Rocko is nearly more than $10 million dollars.

 In response to being served Future has been in his feelings all day, throwing side shade like a little Beyaya!

future2Looks like the Stacks of Cash Future loves to flash so much on SnapChat & Instagram are going to be getting a little bit shorter.  He knows what he did and its only right Rocko has his day in court.  I mean they don’t call him the Don for nothing.  He knew what he had when he’d signed Future, that’s why he helped bring him into the mainstream.  Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Rocko’s street cred Future wouldn’t have any.


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