TIClifford ‘Trouble Man’ Harris’s middle name precedes itself considering the amount of trouble he could actually be in.  For weeks now there have been rumors that he’d owed several  employees at his soon to be defunct restaurant Scales 925 in Atlanta multiple hours in overtime and back-pay. 

But as of Tuesday August 9th,2016 those rumored employees filed suit in a U.S. District Court. in Atlanta and turned it into a fact that WSB-Atlanta .  Each plaintiff claims that there were several times when they’d work over 40 hours a week and denied overtime by management.

  Also in the complaint they each speak about being coerced to work off the clock, being charged with the cost of broken dishes even if there weren’t any and claims that management also docked there check to the pay the busboys.  They also claimed when they inquired with the busboys that that wasn’t the case.

The plaintiffs seek back pay in varying amounts. The suit states that “Harris and Hughes have the following joint authority at the restaurant: (1) the power to determine the pay rates or the methods of payment of the employees; and (2) the right, directly or indirectly, to hire, fire, or modify the employment conditions of the workers.”

His landlord told WSB-TV he had TI & Management served with an eviction notice by the Sheriffs dept and that the rapper has failed to pay his rent for several months.  Stating that he’s owed over a million dollars in back rent and is in the process of suing Clifford T.I Harris for it.

T.I. do the right thing and pay your people..Or is this what the “Family Hustle” is all about?

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