RG3Breakout NFL Star Robert Griffin III and wife of  3 years Rebecca Liddicoat have separated for the past several months, with sources quoting as far back as of March this year. 

Honestly if you’ve been following their relationship comes as no surprise,  I called this as being a fail before he signed his first contract. And I’m all for young love, but marrying the first chick you fell in love with straight out of college and not even a year into your first NFL contract is the worst mistake one could make.  He never got to experience the baller lifestyle, or sow is his wild oats and to go from graduation to a family man is a shock for a lot of star athletes. They weren’t even a year into their marriage when details of him cheating began to leak RGIII Busted Cheating on Newly Wed Wife.rgiiiRebecca & Reggie in College, during happier times.

The couple married on July 6, 2013, and had their first child May of 2015, a little girl they lovingly named Reese Ann Griffin.  Hopefully they can split amicably and in the best interest of their daughter.  Word is mum on whether there was a prenuptial agreement in place, which could be the reason he’s been tip toeing around filing for divorce, in hopes of reconciling.  To all the groupies out there try not to jump into quick, give them some time to resolve whatever they need to move on.  Because the last thing you want to be is an excuse for a man to get back with his ex, or a rebound chick.

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