gucci-mae2It’s been a long road for Gucci in dealing with his legal troubles,  incarceration and to his release earlier is year.  He hit the ground running as soon as he was out, as best he could as he Gucci has to adhere to a strict schedule and guidelines.  Well that’s all changed as of today as Gucci Mane is celebrating his official release from house arrest with Family & Friends in Girlfriend Keyshia Kaoir made sure to get him a custom-made cake that announced “The World is Yours” which was made with real Gold Chains and Jewels.  Which of course is befitting of the Woptober King.

Now that he’s able to move about freely within the comforts of his own city and go & come as he pleases, he can get a lot more accomplished.  As of now we have the Woptober CD to look forward to and I’m certain you’ll also see him go for more acting roles in the future as well.  He enjoyed filming & starring in Spring Breakers alongside newly minted grown up Selena Gomez and bad boy James Franco.woptober3

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