assNo Christian has ever thought this could ever be possible, but the Satanic Temple of America and their advocates found a way to legally dwell in our schools in America.  An elementary School in Portland Oregon will be one of the first of many to welcome the “After School Satan Club”.  (Check out the “As Above, So Below” Symbolism)

The abbreviation of After School Satan (A.S.S.) couldn’t be further from the truth, because it accentuates just how much of a joke they take us for.  For them to openly get away with indoctrinating our children with this mess is an abomination straights from the depths of Hell!

FOX News Reports:

The Portland chapter of the Satanic Temple has reportedly succeeded in bringing its “After School Satan Club” to an elementary school within city limits.

Finn Rezz, one of two heads of the chapter, told the Oregonian that the organization has been approved to begin its program, which focuses on “science and rational thinking,” on Oct. 19 at Sacramento Elementary School.

Rezz previously told the paper that most members of the Satanic Temple are atheists who see Satan as an allegory for free thought, and that the program is intended to promote “benevolence and empathy for everybody.”

The purpose, Rezz told the paper, is meant to counter “the Good News Club,” an after-school club put on by the Child Evangelism Fellowship, “a Bible-centered organization.

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The satanic temple thought for a press they’d put out this video below, I might warn you in the first 10-15 seconds they flash baphomet symbols so divert your Christian eye’s and say a prayer immediately after.  As I did..#ImNotPlaying

I’d say I wasn’t sure what message they were depicting, but I’d be lying.  They were basically celebrating evil getting that much closer to innocence in America.  It’s so many children who go missing each year who are abducted by these freaks, pedophiles and rapist.  Whom a majority of practice Satanism and they expect people to be OK, with an after school program dedicates to Satan and his views.

I Know your thinking well my child wont be going, but let’s say some of his friends do and they get into his head with the message that’s being portrayed behind closed doors.  It was just two years ago Teachers in one school dist. in Connecticut brainwashed 3 sisters to think they were part of some religious cult, that celebrated death and made them promise not to tell anybody about it-CBS news-Lawsuit: Conn. teachers recruited sisters into cult.

But Children can’t pray at school…SMDH


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