luda-5Christoper “Ludacris” Bridges is no stranger to hard work or giving back to his community and took the time this past week to do so.  Christoper & his Ludacris Fnd. worked with the Non-Profit “Feeding America” on behalf of their Hunger Action Month Campaign “To inspire healthy eating” for the kids at the Carrie Steele Pitts Home.

  Alongside Luda was his two youngest daughters Cai Bella and Cadence Gaelle Bridges who are some of the cutest little girls ever helping daddy give back.luda3Cai Bella helping her father give back…

ludaHe’d briefly lost custody of Cai Bella to her mother a month or so ago, due to allegations of abuse she made in reference of a rash on her daughter.  But once the investigation was completed and it was determined that Cai was okay she went back to her dad.  My heart aches for her mother, but she brought this upon herself when she tried to utilize her child as a meal ticket.

Because Cai was with her mom as an infant and Christopher was giving her 2500.00  or so a month and that wasn’t enough for where she wanted to live, or the car she wanted to drive.  So he took her to court for full custody and won.  His argument was valid how is she going to contribute to caring for their child without a job or a steady place to stay?Ludacris Baby Mama Starts a Go Fund Me Account?!

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