superhead Video Model & Groupie extraordinaire Karrine Super Head Steffans wants not only you but her future OB/GYN that she’s ashamed of her womb, because of all of the abortions she’s had.  Which itself isn’t the disturbing part to me!  What’s disturbing is that you’ve had so many and that you don’t already have a trusted OB/GYN who doesn’t already know that.

  Karrine sat down and spilled the beans with XOJane:

“I’ve had a number of chances to have another baby in the last 18 years since my son was born, but none of them have worked out for me. Though I did get pregnant during those years, I chose to terminate a few of those pregnancies and have suffered a few losses due to issues with fibroids and severe pregnancy-related anemia. But as terrible as this may read, and I mean it with great respect for all the strong women who have dealt with either the agony of a miscarriage or abortion, I was grateful none of those pregnancies came to pass.”

I think i’s sickening she would use her experience in having abortions as a topic to touch on in an interview.  How she started off explaining it in the beginning she’s suffered some miscarriages like those loses were meant to be and something that just happened.

I say that because in the passage below she goes on to admit in her 3rd marriage to Columbus Short she lied to him and said she had a miscarriage. when she actually went and had and abortion behind his back.! (Read Below)

“I have been married three times, and in the past year, aborted the two babies conceived with my third husband. God knows I loved him. God knows I still do. But it was his drug and alcohol addictions and the abuse I suffered from him that made it impossible for me to see myself stuck with him for the rest of my life. I figured the marriage could be undone, but our children would be forever, and they deserved a better father and a happier, healthier mother. He knew about the first abortion, which I had before our marriage, but I told him the second abortion was a miscarriage. That was a month after we were married, and I was terrified of what he might do if he knew I’d willingly aborted the child he begged me to have.”
I have never regretted that decision

She went on to admit she’d had an abortion when dating Lil Wayne and the decision to do it nearly destroyed her, as she wished she had kept the baby.

“I cared for him. But three years into our relationship, when I found myself pregnant with his child, my lover — who was not yet 25 years old — panicked. I thought if I had the abortion, I could save us, but it destroyed me, and I could never bring myself to talk to him again. I would give anything to bring that baby back.”

Karrine claims that she does have a consistent OB/GYN she goes to. Except she doesn’t want him to find out about her several abortions as she believes it will tarnish his image of her.  Especially now since she want’s kids with the guy she’s with now.  Which is suppose to sound genuine, I Guess! With how she describes why she has had so many is because the guy’s she was with turned out to be the wrong men. I just find it sad that it took those lives to be sacrificed for her to figure that out.  It’s almost as though she did it to punish the father of the child as much as she’s trying to make it about herself.

Read the full article here.

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